Chicken Spit

Introducing another dramatic addition to our hog roasting range, our chicken spit kit add real versatility with the chance to roast up to 36 chickens in one go! That’s enough to feed hundreds of guests. This 5 arm rotisserie device can also be used to cook beef, legs of pork and turkey.

Our chicken spit kit uses the spit pole of our spit roast kit, another nice purchase when you buy a hog roast machine from us. It also uses the spit roast kit motor, pole and carving tray. The chicken spit kit works by providing a secure rotisserie function above two thermostatically controlled burners. It can be monitored by looking through the toughened glass window – don’t be surprised when your event guests come up to have a look in too.

When it comes to carving up your roasted chickens, simply raise the set using the support bars and cut into the carving tray which can be slid underneath. Each arm of the rotisserie comes off one at a time, so you can carve a few carcasses at a time without dismantling the whole set-up and losing the visual appeal. The carving tray can also be used as a hot plate when you’re done, keeping everything the perfect temperature until it’s time to dish up.