Take a look at our most exciting accessory yet, a must consider when you buy a hog roast machine from us – it will really take your roaster to the next level. Our BBQ set makes achieving that Barbie flavour possible all year round! Using thermostatically controlled burners, it’s easy to ‘perfect’ the temperature for that scrummy chargrilled flavour that takes you straight back to laid back summer days.

The BBQ set works by fitting on top of our Platinum hog roaster and the doors which usually surround the machine, using in the hog roasting process, are taken off and hung at the ends. This allows for maximum barbequing space and makes it super easy to access the lower cooking level – a great place to warm side dishes, jacket potatoes and vegetables. This BBQ set is ideal for feeding large crowds of people with those barbeque favourites: sausages, steaks, chicken wings, burgers and kebabs!

Want to know more about this brilliant add-on for your roaster? Get in touch and we’d be thrilled to discuss it further. Have queries about our other accessories? We’re here to help, and with over 50 years in hog roasting – we know what we’re talking about. Call us today.